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Transforming capability

Organisations that have transformed their project and programme management capabilities, aligned them to their strategic goals and ensured their project and programme portfolio supports their intentions have continued to prosper, even in tough economic times.

They recognise the power of effective organisational project and programme management in ensuring the outcomes their strategic goals intended are realised and provide lasting benefit. They understand that project and programme management starts the moment there is an idea or a concept; a new development or a prospect. In short, they understand the value of projects and programmes whenever there is a need for change.

These organisations have recognised that at their core, project and programme management are about enabling change through people, for people, by people.

Sounds easy?  In theory, yes.  In practice, not always!

Turning theory in to practice

The late, great Yogi Berra (a former New York Yankees baseball player) summed it up well when he once famously said; “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, except in practice there is”.

And so how can organisations turn theory in to practice?  

How many times has a strategic intention not delivered the expected benefits or anticipated outcomes?  How many times have projects and programmes nose-dived and the reasons given were poor processes or management?  How many times have poor processes or management been interpreted as meaning a poor project or programme manager?  In reality, projects and programmes that don’t deliver are often lacking in appropriate governance or are disconnected from the business strategy.  

Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy is able to support, guide and advise organisations as they embark on, or have already commenced their project and programme management transformational journey.  

Through his extensive knowledge, understanding and wisdom, gained over thirty years of practical application and leadership; he works with organisations to “Unleash the Power of Projects and Programmes”TM.

“Unleashing the power of

         projects and programmes”

90% of organisations fail to implement their

strategies successfully, not because the strategies were

wrong, but because the organisation was not aligned behind them

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Organisational Project and Programme Capability Development


Organisational Project and Programme Capability Development

Paul gives his views on project, programme and portfolio management and what capabilities are needed to make a great project manager.